umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]

umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]
  • umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]
  • umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]
  • umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]
  • umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]
  • umimatou / mirocomachiko [NEW]

An art box by Miroko Machiko, a painter and picture book author who moved from Tokyo to Amami Oshima in 2019.
In order to recreate the attempts made at the exhibition "Umimatou" held in the spring of 2022, the box contains seven items such as art pieces, postcards, and posters (see below for details).
The book allows you to experience the dynamic influence that the sea and forests of Amami have had on the author's methods of expression and outlook on life. Limited to 500 copies.

Included items:

ⒶEach box contains art pieces with different shapes and sizes. I look forward to seeing what's included.

Ⓑ Statement sheet engraved with letterpress printing. Printed on paper with a rough texture that allows small dust particles to enter.

ⒸA B3 variant poster of ``Hikari no Zawameki'' taken by photographer Yayoi Zamoto while attending the production of a new work in Amami Oshima.

ⒹThe tops of the postcards are glued in fluorescent yellow, and a total of 11 are bound. Easy to remove.

ⒺThe booklet ``Umita Uto Hito'' is composed of contributions by people who are closely connected to this project.
In addition, each booklet is carefully threaded, bound, tied, and bound by hand.
Contributors: Shito Kanai / Chikako Owaki / Daiho Soga / Yayoi Arimoto / Ryuta Mitsui / haruka nakamura / Yuichi Urushihara

ⒻA document paper that follows the production process of the new work "Zawameki of Light" printed using risograph (gold color).

ⒼCoral and seashell amulets are collected with strings threaded through them in all different shapes and sizes.
*The edition number on the back of the box is handwritten by the artist.

Item Details

Artwork: mirocomachiko(art), Yuichi Urushihara(design)
Format: Box set
Size: H 20.5cm W 14.5cm D 3.0cm *Box
Label: tento
Released: 2022
Language: Japanese
Page Count: -
Condition: NEW
Notes: Box set of 7 items, limited to 500 copies, the contents of the art pieces and amulets vary depending on the box.
Keyword: # mysterious # uplifting # 20s


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