• junaida - IMAGINARIUM [NEW]
  • junaida - IMAGINARIUM [NEW]
  • junaida - IMAGINARIUM [NEW]
  • junaida - IMAGINARIUM [NEW]

A collection of works by artist junaida, published in conjunction with the solo exhibition "IMAGINARIUM" to be held from October 2022. Contains works selected from previously published picture books, art books, cover art, advertisements, etc., as well as the triptych "IMAGINARIUM" drawn especially for the exhibition.
Although the setting is fantastical, the line between delusion and memory becomes infinitely blurred due to the thoroughness of the details, creating a colorful, enchanting, and somewhat nostalgic sense of fear.
Incorporating various ideas such as silver ink that reproduces the luster of pencil lines, five types of paper with different colors and textures depending on the style of work, codex binding that allows pages to remain open, and bold trimming and bleed specifications. The book design integrated with the work has a highly artistic finish.

☆We will include a postcard-sized flyer for the junaida exhibition "IMAGINARIUM" (October 8, 2022 - January 15, 2023 / PLAY! MUSEUM, Tachikawa, Tokyo).
In addition, flyers are being distributed together with products shipped to customers who use our store (distribution will end as soon as the planned number of copies is reached).
You can view some of the recorded works on the BlueSheep page .


Item Details

Artwork: design / Shin Sobue + Yao Fujii (cozfish)
Format: Soft cover
Size: H 30.4cm W 22.8cm D 1.7cm
Label: blue sheep
ISBN: 978-4908356391
Released: 2022
Language: Japanese
Page Count: 200p
Condition: NEW
Notes: -
Keyword: # dreamy # mysterious # bluesheep


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