Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]

Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]
  • Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]
  • Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]
  • Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]
  • Fay Lovsky ‎– Confetti [USED]

Faye Robski is a Dutch SSW who specializes in multi-player, home-recorded sound production. 2nd album released in 1981.
Based on an old-timey and jazzy melody line, the song is layered with the atmosphere of 80's new wave/contemporary pop, resulting in a cute and playful piece that can be considered a precursor to today's bedroom pop.


Item Details

Artwork: Johan Visser / de Enschedess School, Amsterdam, Holland.
Format: vinyl, LP
product number: WEA 58367
Label: WEA
Released: 1981
Country: Holland
Barcode: -
Notes: Comes with an inner sleeve with lyrics and credits/artist photo printed on it.
Sleeve Condition: ★★★☆☆ VG (Good)
Corner cracking, dirt near the top right of the table
Sleeve has a corner bump and stains on around upper right corner of the front cover.
Media Condition: ★★★☆☆ VG (There are several good light scratches and scratches. There was no skipping, but there was some noticeable noise. Please check the preview.
Disc has light hairline and scuffs but plays well.Background noise slightly audible throughout the disc.
Check clips from this copy.
Keyword # daytime # happy # cute # 80s


Audio samples

A3: schoolbell
A4: Cool As Ice
A5: Fool moon
B4: Esprit de I'escalier

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