The true nature of simplicity: Dick Bruna's design [NEW]

シンプルの正体 ディック・ブルーナのデザイン / Dick Bruna
  • シンプルの正体 ディック・ブルーナのデザイン / Dick Bruna
  • The true nature of simplicity: Dick Bruna's design [NEW]

The official catalog of the exhibition with the same title that toured around Japan in 2017-2018 has been made into a book.
From the cover design of the paperback series ``Black Bear,'' which made his work known to the world, to Miffy, we have selected works from his 60-year creative period with the keyword ``simple.''
We will unravel the secrets of his unique ``simplicity'' that expands the reader's imagination from perspectives such as effective color composition, bold omissions, humorous lines, and rhythmic repetition.


Item Details

Artwork: Dick Bruna (Black Bear series poster 1968), Atsumi Kikuchi (art direction)
Format: Softcover
Size: H 17.5 cm W 13.2 cm D 2.2 cm
Label: blue sheep
ISBN: ‎ 978-4908356025
Released: 3rd printing June 18, 2018
Language: Japanese
Page Count: 354P
Condition: NEW
Keyword: #cute #Atsumi Kikuchi

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