• [Somewhere in Her Room] July

    [Somewhere in Her Room]7月
    illustration, text: shiika
    record of the month : Virginia Astley - From Gardens Where We Feel Secure



    Clear blue sky and fresh clouds.
    Sweat dripping in the hot, lukewarm wind.
    It evokes the fresh feeling of a summer day.
    It's a nostalgic feeling that I've seen someday, heard about someday, but don't know yet.

    I have memories of summer gardens.
    When I woke up early in the morning, I could only hear the sounds of insects in the grass in the backyard, and all the other creatures were still asleep.
    The silence took my breath away.
    Because I didn't know about such a garden.

    A little late in the morning, there was no trace of that anymore, and it was just a normal garden.
    It was a leisurely summer day, with the green grass swaying in the sunlight.