• [Somewhere in Her Room] August 2023

    [Somewhere in Her Room]2023年8月
    illustration, text: shiika


    I look out the window at the still-white ridgeline of the Alps.
    I see clouds passing over the valley and the sun shining once again.
    As you walk between the rugged ground full of rocks and stony plants and the quiet plants, you can hear the sound of the wind.
    The ripples form on the surface of the crystal clear water,
    Sometimes it sparkles.

    While imagining this, I took out the chilled barley tea from the refrigerator and poured it.
    The water droplets drip down from the glass and fall onto the floor, shining brightly.
    I was blinded by the intensity of the sunlight, which seemed to melt everything,
    It feels like everything is in slow motion.


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