• [Somewhere in Her Room] December

    [Somewhere in Her Room]12月
    illustration, text:shiika
    record of the month: April Magazine - If the Ceiling Were a Kite: Vol. 1
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    It snowed yesterday.
    The snow absorbs the sound, making the whole area quiet.
    In the morning, the air slowly begins to move with the sound of the stove.

    Try to think about it every day.
    Like a scene from a movie, it floats and disappears.
    It becomes a nostalgic distant memory.
    Like a warm memory.

    I remember looking forward to this season when I was a child.
    Red plastic sleds, prickly holly leaves, and glowing icicles.
    The tingling coldness of your fingertips.

    And it will come around again.
    The city sparkles and the trees are lit with lights.
    With the music of many memories.