• Announcement of release of shiika “SOMEWHERE IN HER ROOM” (September 9, 2023)

    shiika『SOMEWHERE IN HER ROOM』リリースのお知らせ (2023年9月9日)

    "She" is here and can go anywhere.
    A depiction of everyday life colored by design and records.

    From the summer of 2021, the series ``Somewhere in Her Room'', which will be the main visual on our store's top page, has been turned into a book.

    A compact CD jacket-sized collection of illustrator shiika's 12 drawings and text works.
    Set in the room where a fictional "girlfriend" lives, the book vividly depicts the colorful mental landscape that your favorite records bring into your daily life.

    The thread binding booklet has a handmade chocolate and lemonade finish.
    Comes with a special record label designed coaster.

    Please enjoy it somewhere in your record life.

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