• Postcard no.005, 006

    Postcard no.005, 006
    I made two new postcards (no.005 - green, 006 - red) of rovakk musikk.
    This time too, the shop message is superimposed on shiika's illustrations for a simple and pop finish.
    Currently, we are giving out 4 types of original postcards to our customers, including the no. 003, 00 4 that we previously produced.
    Starting today (September 9, 2022), we will randomly send you one of the numbers 003 to 006 for each order.
    Also, if you have a postcard with a desired pattern, you can request it in the notes section of your order. We will respond as long as stock lasts.
    Display it on the wall, use it as a message card, or add it to your card collection.
    It's a small bonus, but I'd be happy if you enjoyed using it.
    *Distribution will be discontinued as soon as various stocks are exhausted.

    Today, September 9, 2022, rovakk musikk celebrates 3 years since its opening.
    From now on, with the theme of "will work for beautiful ordinary days",
    We will suggest records and books with wonderful cover art.
    We look forward to your continued support.

    rovakk musikk