• [2022.07.14 release] Mr. and Mrs. Muffins new album bonus information

    [2022.07.14 release]Mr. and Mrs. Muffins ニューアルバム特典情報
    Bonus information for Mr. & Mrs. Muffins' latest album "Manhattan Slide and..." scheduled to arrive on July 14th has been uploaded by the release source, blue-very label.
    For first editions reserved/purchased at our store, we will also include a special postcard with the photo (photo provided by: blue-very label).
    We also have a limited amount of muffins past catalogs left in stock (as of 4:00 PM on June 1, 2022).
    We look forward to receiving orders from you along with our new products.
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    2022.6.2 Updated
    Mr. & Mrs. Muffins' past three works are sold out.