• cycle - autumn 2022 / no.55

    cycle - autumn 2022 / no.55
    ``Cycle'' is a free quarterly newspaper that proposes ways to interact with bicycles that are closely related to daily life, with the theme of ``enjoy cycling.'' The Fall 2022 issue is now in stock.
    The cover column features the bicycle music festival ``Bicycle Film Festival,'' which was held online in Tokyo this year. The special feature article introduces bento menus and recipes that are perfect for cycling. In addition, there are suggestions for English-style tea picnics, various useful tips, and information on bicycle events around the country.
    This paper will be included in all shipments after November 1st (if you are using Yu-Packet or non-standard size mail, it may not be possible to include it due to weight restrictions). You can also order back issues that are in stock by adding them to your cart when shopping (free of charge). For more information, please click on each issue from the "GIVEAWAY" category on the top page.
    cycle - autumn 2022 / no.55