• Regarding maintenance efforts for used products (updated on September 1, 2022)

    We would like to introduce our store's maintenance efforts for used products.


    Handling of products

    Before handling products, we wash and disinfect our hands with soap. For work that does not require bare hands, we may require you to wear clean gloves designed for valuables.


    Record sleeves and tables 1 and 4 of books will be cleaned using disinfectant wet wipes.
    However, in the case of uncoated matte paper, maintenance is limited to wiping the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.
    You may also use an eraser to remove dirt in spots.
    In any case, our top priority is to ensure that the condition of the cover art is not affected.


    If the sleeve is torn or cracked, we may repair it with adhesive.
    If we repair the item at our store, we will always indicate this in the product description.
    If possible, we remove stickers attached to used products (those attached after shipping by a store or distributor, etc., or those that deviate from the creator's design intent) before listing them.

    Maintenance of the panel surface

    For maintenance of the board, we are currently using Disc Union's ``Recocross'' (non-woven fabric) and ``Recoclean'' (cleaner liquid).
    We may decide not to use items that are in good condition, such as like-new items, in order to preserve their condition.
    When recording the sample sound source, I use Nagaoka's "Clear Tone 558" and wipe it with Nagaoka's cleaner "ARGENTO 113" just before recording.
    This is a measure to suppress dust noise that tends to occur due to surface dust and static electricity.
    Regarding the warpage of the board, there is currently no effective way to repair it within our office.
    Our policy is not to sell an item if it has severe warpage that would interfere with viewing.


    If there is a better maintenance method in the future, we will actively introduce it and add it to this article.
    We appreciate your understanding as the preview sound sources and condition descriptions of the used products currently on sale will be provided after the above maintenance has been performed.
    We hope this will be helpful to you when considering purchasing.