• Regarding implementation of simple packaging/eco packaging | Updated on September 9, 2023

    簡易包装・エコパッケージの実施について | 2023.11.20更新
    At rovakk musikk, we will gradually switch to simple packaging for shipments from September 9, 2023, in response to increased operating costs due to soaring prices and to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.
    We will also review the materials used and operational policies.

    Major changes

    Individual packaging in new OPP bags, which has been the default for used (some new) records and used CDs, will now be made available as an option .
    For waterproofing during transportation, we use biomass OPP bags (10% biomass plastic), biomass poly bags (25% biomass plastic), etc. to package ordered products in bulk .

    Additionally, as a general rule, we will abolish the use of bubble wrap .
    Regarding cushioning measures, we will use recyclable materials such as kraft paper, waste paper, and cardboard scraps.

    Example of simple packaging

    This is an example of packaging one LP in a biomass plastic bag.
    This will be packed in cardboard made specifically for records.

    Biomass plastic bags are commercially available as "garbage bags."
    If you are against this point, please add the optional product " OPP cello pack individual packaging [OPTION] " to your cart.
    The OPP bags for records and CDs that we offer are cello packs (manufactured by Disc Union) that can be opened and closed many times.
    At this point, we believe that if the bag can be used on a daily basis as a storage bag for important records for a long time after purchase, the environmental impact will be low.


    Until now

    from now

    ・Waterproofing measures with individual packaging of OPP bags

    ・Buffering measures using some bubble wrap

    ・Use of some OPP tape or polyethylene laminated packing tape

    ・Waterproofing by bulk packaging of biomass OPP bags (10% biomass plastic) or biomass plastic bags (25% biomass plastic).

    *Individual packaging in OPP bags is available as an option.

    ・In principle, the use of bubble wrap has been abolished. Standardized cushioning measures using recyclable materials such as kraft paper and waste paper.

    - Packing tape is made of non-laminated craft. Partial adhesive sellotape has been replaced with one made from natural materials.

    *As an exception, we may use leftover materials previously purchased or reusable materials delivered to our store during the distribution process.
    *We will update the materials used as needed if a better choice is found.


    As a side note, from March 2023, we began providing monthly support to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) as an individual member.
    In the future, I would like to become a business member (starting from 200,000 yen per year), but first I need to start with my personal level.
    So that we can continue to enjoy art and records as entertainment,
    We will continue to operate rovakk musikk while being conscious of environmental conservation.

    rovakk musikk
    Kunou Kei