• For non-square enthusiasts

    No room for squares

    Saxophone player Hank Mobley has a song titled 'NO ROOM FOR SQUARES'.
    "Square" here has the connotation of a big-headed person who thinks about music logically, and it seems to mean "square people, no".
    It's fun to research and talk about trivia, but it's mostly a bonus.
    Originally, there was no need to gain knowledge about music or art before falling in love with it.
    Just being able to feel "cool!" and "cute!" is enough.
    If you can encounter the work with an open mind, your enjoyment will be limitless.
    If I were to simply put the goal of rovakk musikk into words, I would say it would be ``a store where you can buy jackets.''
    Buying jackets is completely free.
    Genres, trends, and hierarchies don't matter.
    Get an artwork inspired by your intuition and display it on the wall of your room.
    I'm sure my life has changed a little bit more wonderfully and happily since then than it would have been without it.
    For those non-square enthusiasts, there are records and books that I would like to introduce to you.
    What you can get from there is a life filled with tangible things and wonderful designs.
    What's more, you can even make sounds and travel through the story.

    rovakk musikk
    Kunou Kei