• Notice of shipping fee revision (October 1, 2021)

    From September 18, 2021, shipping charges will be revised as follows.
    Thank you for your understanding.


    A: When including LP (12 inch or 10 inch record)

    ・Yu-Pack (with tracking and compensation)
    A flat rate of 800 yen for any number of tickets (1320 yen for Okinawa, Hokkaido, and some remote islands)

    ・Non-standard-size mail ・With specific record (with tracking, no compensation, no delivery on Sundays and holidays)
    One LP or 10-inch record, flat rate 670 yen *Simple packaging. 2-disc sets and gatefold jackets are not eligible.

    B: For only small products such as 7-inch records, CDs, books, etc.
    ・Yu-Packet (with tracking/no compensation)
    Flat rate 390 yen for thickness up to 3cm and weight 1kg
    ・Letter Pack Plus (with tracking/no compensation)
    Thick book One book flat rate 520 yen
    ・Yu-Pack (with tracking and compensation)
    Flat rate: 800 yen (Okinawa, Hokkaido, some remote islands: 1,320 yen)

    *Selectable shipping options will be displayed at checkout.
    *You cannot specify delivery companies/services other than those listed above. *We cannot accept changes to the delivery address after shipping.
    *If you use Yu-Pack, we will ship without specifying the arrival date or time. We will send you a tracking number and URL, so please specify your desired time.
    *If the above shipping cost exceeds the actual service cost of Japan Post, the difference will be charged as material cost and packaging fee. Please note that we cannot provide refunds. Similarly, even if the above shipping cost is less than the actual cost, we will not charge additional shipping charges.
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