• [New Arrival] Iwamura Ryuta - CITY

    [新入荷]Iwamura Ryuta - CITY
    The analog version of Iwamura Ryuta's "City" released on June 17th is now available.
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    (From the manufacturer information below)
    The music included here is Ryuta Iwamura's tranquil, sometimes dramatic piano,
    This is a collage of noises (environmental sounds) from each city that he himself field-recorded.
    Horns blaring in New York's Times Square, the waves of the huge Tagus River in downtown Chicago, and announcements announcing arriving flights at Schiphol Airport.
    Copper wind chimes sway quietly under the eaves of Insa-dong.
    The soundscapes of these different locations are strung together one after another like a movie montage,
    Layered on top of each other, the noise of the city is featured.
    The collage methods are truly diverse and experimental, such as arranging them as musical "figures" or "grounds."
    The noise (environmental sounds) used in this work was collected through the filter of his ears.
    Not all sounds are necessarily symbolic or beacons of a city.
    It may be difficult to simply categorize this work as ``environmental music'' or ``soundscape,'' as it also includes a piano solo song with the title of a city.
    It's not as difficult as some modern music.
    Although experimental, it does not betray his previous style.
    The music is tranquil, poetic, and at times pop.