Open the window vol.4 [NEW]

Open the window vol.4 [NEW]
  • Open the window vol.4 [NEW]
  • Open the window vol.4 [NEW]

A collection of essays that was first published in the spring of 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, with the theme of "Imagining the scenery in front of someone living far away."
This fourth issue also includes essays by 10 people living in various places.
Read the quiet voices woven from each person's life in a layout that is easy to read from any part of each page.
A swallow, a familiar migratory bird, is depicted on the cover.

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"Open two doors every day"
Yuka Kojima (owner of Higakureso) / Shizuoka

"Cat's Paw"
Yukino Nakata (owner of bookstore Nikara) / Niigata

"What Grandpa and a 2-year-old have in common"
Michiko Okubo (painter)/Tokyo

"Seeing the gap"
Yutaro Yasuda (Representative of Kanmori) / Hokkaido

"Morning scenery"
Ponsuku (Ponsukudo owner) / Osaka

"Easy passage"
Haruka Mitani (Engineer)/Kanagawa

"Walk around the island."
Masako Yamamoto (Editor-in-Chief of Setouchi Style) / Kagawa

"Reasons for traveling"
Yuri Sato (cultural facility staff) / Miyagi

"The return of voices"
Ryoji Hashimoto (Publisher Sales) / Chiba

"home town"
Yuji Kojima (owner of bookstore Koto)/Fukushima

◎Picture diary “A small favorite place in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture”
Azusa Ueno (illustrator) / Kagawa

◎Everyone's recommended books ◎Everyday things ◎Editor's postscript
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Item Details

Artwork: Azusa Ueno (illustration), Yuri Sato (design)
Format: soft cover, saddle stitched booklet
Size: H 21.0cm W 15.0cm D 0.1cm
Label: open the window
Released: 2023
Language: Japanese
Page Count: 20p
Condition: NEW
Notes: -
Keyword: # I Like Birds


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